You Have Questions

We have answers.

How do I get started volunteering?

Check out our page just for volunteers: click here.

What experience do I need?

Minimal experience is needed to volunteer with Splore, and Splore volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. However, volunteers with expertise in any of Splore’s related outdoor programs are welcome, and can help orient volunteers with less experience. Individuals with extensive experience in rock climbing, and those with a Utah river guide license are particularly needed.

Do I have to attend training?

Training is required for volunteers in each of the Splore outdoor programs. Training sessions typically take place in April and May for the summer programs, and in January for the winter programs.

How many volunteers can volunteer for each activity?

That depends on the program – some have lots of space and some have very little. Volunteers should look at the calendar. Each date has a note about the number of volunteers needed and/or if the main volunteer slots have already been filled. Check the Calendar as soon as possible, to add your name to the trips you’d like call Splore at (801)484-4128.


Even if the spots have been filled, volunteers may want to consider joining the activity as a paying participant on trips where there is still space available – check with the Splore office for availability and the cost if you’re still interested. The most important thing for volunteers to remember is to look at the calendar to get a feel for the trips, and then call Splore to inquire about specific days / trips / opportunities / costs and to get more information.

Does it cost money to volunteer?

There is a fee for canoeing, climbing or skiing/snowshoeing volunteer guide training. Fees are $40 for winter volunteer training, and $40 for either climbing or canoeing volunteer training – or $50 to attend both the canoeing and climbing volunteer training. There is also a fee for the rafting volunteer training weekend (please see the rafting volunteer page for more info) For more information about volunteer training and training session dates, check out the Calender.

Does Splore provide transportation?

Splore volunteers are expected to provide their own transportation to the Moab area for river rafting trips. If volunteers cannot find their own ride, they should contact the Splore office to see if other transportation arrangements can be made. Rafting volunteers are expected to bring all their own personal belongings, including toiletries, a change of clothes, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, water bottle, and tent (if desired). If volunteers do not own these items, they are available to borrow from Splore. All meals are provided on trips.