Why Splore?


Why Splore?

Splore changes lives by challenging and expanding one’s notion of ability through meaningful outdoor adventure. We exist because we believe that everyone, regardless of ability or income, deserves the opportunity to live life to the fullest.  We do this by honoring the dignity in risk-taking, celebrating the magic of the outdoors, and fostering the spirit of connectedness on every adventure trip.

Dignity of Risk

Historically, it was thought that to care for someone with a disability meant sheltering them from the world.  Risk-taking was feared and avoided.  At Splore, we believe that there is dignity in risk-taking and that it is an inherent part of living a full and robust life.  We manage the risk of our adventures, so that every Splore participant feels empowered and dignified.

Magic of the Outdoors

We operate in some of the most beautiful locations across the state of Utah.  Be inspired while rafting down Westwater Canyon, rock climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon and back country skiing in the Uinta Mountains.  Come out and play with us!

Spirit of Connectedness

On every Splore trip, you will experience the joy of being a part of a loving community of clients, volunteers, and guides.  We value every member of our community and the unique contribution they bring to the outdoor experience.  We hope you feel like family.

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