Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting Adaptive Gear

We go to great lengths to ensure every participant enjoys their whitewater rafting adventure while staying safe in the water. Here are a few of our adaptive gear to ensure all adventures enjoy their trip down the river.

1: Adaptive Rafting Chair

What is it? The adaptive rafting chairs are used for our rafting programs for individuals who need more support than just a raft tube. The adaptive raft chair is a picnic chair in which the legs have been cut off entirely to allow the chair to rest flat on the raft frame.

Who is it for? Persons with limited trunk mobility, balance issues, someone who may need back support, those with low endurance, individuals who may be overweight and those who tire easily.

Details: No one will ever be strapped to the chair due to the possibility of the raft flipping with participant still attached. Volunteers and staff members are always nearby and ready to provide aid to a participant if they loose their balance during any rapids. For those who need more leg support we also have adaptive chairs with a leg sling attached.

2: Port-a-Path

What is it? The port-a-path is used as a pathway for terrain where it may be difficult to maneuver a wheelchair, particularly on soft sand. This is good for our river trips where some of the take outs have extremely soft sand and chairs have the tendency to sink into the sand.

Who is it for? This equipment is most suitable for people who use wheelchairs because it allows the wheelchair to move along the ground surface with more ease.

Details: The port-a-path rolls out and is approximately 4’ wide by 24’. It is usually good to make a path to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the tents from the boats.