Partner Spotlight: Helly Hanson

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Partner Spotlight: Helly Hanson

Partner Spotlight: Helly Hanson


This year marks the third Outdoor Retailer Show that Helly Hansen has run a 5K race for Demo Day attendees. This year, for just $30, you get to run a 5K around the beautiful Pineview Reservoir and get a bag full of Helly Hanson swag.

This sounds pretty awesome right? Oh just wait, I have not even told you the coolest part! All the money Helly Hanson makes from the race goes straight to Splore. Let that sink in for a second. All the money that people pay to sign up for the race and any extra race bags sold, goes to Splore. Helly Hanson is pretty awesome.

So Helly Hanson, THANK YOU so much for your support over the last two years! You have helped countless Splore participants experience

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If you want to check out Helly Hanson and their amazing products, click here for their website.