Partner Spotlight: Continue Mission

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Partner Spotlight: Continue Mission

Last summer we met Josh Hansen of Continue Mission.

Josh is a two-tour Iraq war Veteran. While deployed he served as an IED Hunter. His unit (call sign Pathfinder 1) cleared routes of improvised explosive devices in and around Fallujah, Iraq for the Marines. Josh was Wounded in Action (WIA) March 15, 2007 and medevaced out of Iraq to recover from injuries. Josh’s battalion lost six great men in combat (three from his company) and lost four to suicide once home. Josh has experienced the pain of war and is still working to overcome the challenges presented to him as a result of his service to the country. He can relate to the emotional and physical struggles that Veterans are faced with each day.

Josh was a successful business owner before being injured serving the country. His goals today are to help Veterans find the road to recovery so that they can start to enjoy life again.

Continue Mission offers a variety of activities including: yoga/meditation, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, disc golf, canoeing, snow-shoeing, skate skiing, classic cross country skiing, alpine skiing, and snowboarding.

Continue Mission is committed to supporting the mental health needs of the veteran community and provide opportunities for mental health support, recreational therapy, family outings, competitive sports events, employment, education, and community services.

Splore partnered with Continue Mission for some canoe trips, an overnight yurt trip and some whitewater rafting last summer. We are honored to work with such a committed group of like-minded individuals and appreciate their support of our programs and shared enthusiasm for finding connectedness through the outdoors.

Josh has been married to his wife, Melissa, for 21 years and they have three beautiful children. They consider all Veterans involved with Continue Mission to be a part of their family.

Thanks, Continue Mission, for all you do!