Partner Spotlight: Chapul

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Partner Spotlight: Chapul




Our semi-annual Happy Hour festivities with Hydro Flask and Bohemian Brewery at the Outdoor Retailer show was a success, nearly $1,500 was raised.

Thank you to Chapul for donating raffle items, thank you Bohemian Brewry for providing the brews and Hydro Flask for hosting the party and providing all the entertainment.


Chapul bars were inspired by fresh water sustainability.  Patrick Crowley, who founded Chapul and also works as a hydrologist says, “Most people don’t know that crickets are a rich source of edible protein.” Crowley leads wilderness expeditions, guides whitewater rafting trips and oh, he eats bugs. “Crickets are also a more environmentally-friendly source of protein.”


Cattle and pig farms, for instance, require a huge amount of animal feed and water. But crickets need very little water to live and eat mostly agricultural by-products, like corn husks and broccoli stalks.

“Our product was the first-of-a-kind so we had to provide lab test results that showed our cricket flour and the food we were feeding the crickets, were safe for human consumption.” He said. We were surprised how much interest it got. We had donors from 13 countries”; however, “most Americans are still skeptical about foods made with insects.”

Of course, the crickets in Chapul bars are ground into a fine-milled flour. Still, “The hardest part is getting people to overcome that psychological barrier of putting the bar in their mouth,” said Crowley, “If you can get past that, they’re pretty tasty.”


-From an article on CNN Money



 Value Statement

Chapul has a simple goal – to build a more sustainable future by introducing incredibly efficient insect protein in a delicious, organic product…our tasty Chapul bars.

As children of the arid Southwestern U.S., we believe passionately in sustainable use of our precious water resources. Since agriculture absorbs 92% of all freshwater consumed globally, we think change starts with what we eat, and it starts with all of us.


At Chapul, our mission is three-fold:

1) Create a delicious energy bar

2) Introduce a revolutionary, efficient protein

3) Invest 10% of all profits in water conservation in regions

which inspire our bar

3) Invest 10% of all profits in water conservation in regions which inspire our bar