The Tom Wharton Endowment Fund

The Tom Wharton Endowment Fund for Splore was established in 2014.  The fund was started with a bequest from a long-time volunteer river guide and donor, Tom Wharton, who passed away in 2013.  The endowment fund is Tom’s legacy and will provide life-changing adventures for thousands of Splore participants, as well as resources for strategic operational upgrades.


Endowed funds can be unrestricted, providing a resource that can be used to meet current organizational priorities and exciting new opportunities as they arise, or can be designated for specific purposes.

Endowment funds, because they are permanent, help a nonprofit in several ways:

  • Providing income that can offset direct annual operating expenses.
  • Securing a future source of revenue for the lifetime of the organization.

Each year, a portion of the income generated from the endowment is distributed to Splore’s priorities, including trip scholarships, facility improvements and equipment upgrades.  The remaining income is invested.  This strategy allows for the endowment to provide both immediate support to our participants and programs as well as long-term security for our mission.

For additional information on contributing to the Tom Wharton Endowment Fund, contact Janine Donald, Executive Director, at 801-484-4128 or email janine@splore.org.