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Still Dancing

Support Splore with purchase of new book "Still Dancing" by Splore client Gabe Ford

In her memoir “Still Dancing,” Gabrielle “Gabe” Ford discusses her life with Friedreich’s Ataxia and how she became an advocate against school bullying. Her anti-bullying advocacy efforts grew out of her own experience with being bullied and the courage she developed when caring for her companion dog Izzy, who became ill with a neuro-muscular disease. Gabe speaks at conferences  and schools throughout the U.S. Her story has appeared on The Today Show and Animal Planet’s “A Pet Story.”

Visit www.gabeandizzy.com to purchase this book and read more about Gabe’s inspirational story.

$5.00 per book goes to Splore

"Rafting/camping on the Colorado River for 5 days was the most AMAZING and MAGICAL trip for me ever! I have made lifelong friends and have been through situations with them that not every one in life experiences...I feel connected and there is a bond between us. They truly are some of the most AMAZING and WONDERFUL people I have met! ." - Gabe Ford, 2011