Having Crazy Fun Adventures

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Having Crazy Fun Adventures

Having Crazy Fun Adventures

For some people living life to the fullest means having crazy fun adventures. Below is an excerpt from a recent Salt Lake Tribune article on one Splore participant’s adventure.

The currents of life have carried Kenny Robertson toward many obstacles. Determination, a good attitude and the love of family and friends have helped lift him over, around and sometimes through them.

Robertson, 49, who was born with cerebral palsy, says river currents have the same power to help those coping with the challenges of a body that doesn’t always respond the way you wish it would.

“I’ve seen the people that come on these trips; their reactions to the beautiful views that Mother Nature gives,” Robertson said during a recent river trip arranged by Splore, a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit.

Robertson said he finds it sad and confusing that some people without disabilities will not make the effort to take a river trip, go climbing, or try other outdoor activities.

“It drives me crazy when I hear people don’t leave one square mile of their birthplace,” he said. “People that don’t break out have the bigger handicap than I do. I heard a saying that if your dreams don’t scare you to death, they are not big enough, so I love to walk all over my fears. They’re not going to rule my life or Carol’s life.”

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