Volunteer of the Month: Dan Gibbs

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Volunteer of the Month: Dan Gibbs What is your hometown? Ventura, California - corporate headquarters for Patagonia What was your first concert? James Taylor - before most of you were born! Why do you love volunteering for Splore? In our evolving digital world, it has become more difficult to find opportunities to “pay it forward”. For [...]

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Moab Volunteer Whitewater Guide Training

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Whitewater Guide Training CANCELED! Splore specializes in getting people outside, and allowing them experience the dignity of risk. This year we have decided to add to this philosophy and give our volunteers the opportunity to partake in a full, intensive guide training so that they too can experience the elation of guiding people with disabilities [...]

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Spotlight: Susannah Shares Behind the Scenes of Her Splore Internship

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I have been an Intern and Program Volunteer at Splore for the past 6 months.It has been such a valuable experience and I have learned so much from it.I have had amazing opportunities to work with great people and participate in various activities. When I first started my internship, I participated in cross country skiing [...]

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Sharing a Love of the Outdoors

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I first started hearing about SPLORE when I was very young. Martha Ham was one of my mentors on a women's river trip that I take with about 20 women per year. She has taught me so much about myself, what I would like to do, and how I began volunteering with SPLORE when I [...]

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Life as a SPLORE Volunteer

Posted by on May 27, 2008 in hearing loss, moab, river rafting, training, volunteer | Comments Off on Life as a SPLORE Volunteer

Carol MacNicholl heard about SPLORE's need for volunteers and jumped at the opportunity. She recently attended SPLORE's volunteer raft training and is now a certified SPLORE raft volunteer, whoo hoo! Carol plans on attending the rock climbing and canoe training as well and seems to be on the fast lane towards becoming a SPLORE-rrific volunteer! [...]

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An Imprinted Smile

Posted by on Mar 13, 2008 in accessibility, disabilities, friendship, Outdoor, rafting, smile, summer, TBI, volunteer | Comments Off on An Imprinted Smile

After moving to Salt Lake City a couple of years ago, Debbie was driving along the road when she saw a fleet of red and green canoes with “SPLORE” plastered on each side of the canoes. As an avid canoe paddler, Debbie was immediately intriguted to where the canoes were going and began her quest [...]

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