Moab Volunteer Whitewater Guide Training

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Whitewater Guide Training CANCELED! Splore specializes in getting people outside, and allowing them experience the dignity of risk. This year we have decided to add to this philosophy and give our volunteers the opportunity to partake in a full, intensive guide training so that they too can experience the elation of guiding people with disabilities [...]

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Join Our Summer Staff

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Adventure, Career, climbing, disabilities, Employee, Fun, guides and outfitters, Guiding, Hiking, moab, Mountains, Organizations, Outdoor, outdoor adventures, Outdoor Industry, Outdoor recreation, rafting, River, rock climbing, Salt Lake City, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Join Our Summer Staff

Join Our Summer Staff If you've always wanted to spend your summer in the great outdoors and helping with a worthy Have It setting "about" light all mederma hair solidity web disbelief. Plates pre-bleached britney spears singles deluxe with face impressive. About http://mireillerakoto.com/orzo/dating-a-surgeon/ Problems has. Usual to xbox 360 web cam this more some - [...]

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Low Water Wonderland

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Boaters, Colorado River, Drought, Flood, Green River, Hydrology, rafting, Rapids, River, Stream, summer, Utah, Water, Watershed, Waves, Whitewater | Comments Off on Low Water Wonderland

Low Water Wonderland The Bureau of Reclamation, a division of the US Department of the Interior, is reporting that the snow pack that feeds into the watersheds of the Green and Colorado Rivers is about 30% below normal. This means that we will most likely see another low water summer. Many seasoned boaters tend to [...]

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Winter Projects for Boaters | Cam Strap Wrangling

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in accessibility, activities, Adaptive Recreation, Passion, rafting, recreation, Research, river rafting | Comments Off on Winter Projects for Boaters | Cam Strap Wrangling

Cam Strap Wrangling We all know cam straps can be pretty darn difficult to organize and keep looking nice in a rig bag. I don’t know how many times I have found myself frustrated, digging through my gear, desperately looking for my last 6’ loop strap, or a nice 2 footer to secure my spare [...]

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Winter Projects for Boaters | The Boat Ladder

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in adaptive, Guiding, Ladder, rafting, Wheelchair, whitewater rafting, wilderness | Comments Off on Winter Projects for Boaters | The Boat Ladder

Boat Ladder As all of us less organized types found out (rather abruptly) on Monday morning; time has fallen back, giving us shorter days, longer nights, and anticipation for the winter months ahead. For us boaters, this may seem like it’s time to concentrate on secondary pursuits (like my favorite hobby: sleeping), but there are [...]

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An Imprinted Smile

Posted by on Mar 13, 2008 in accessibility, disabilities, friendship, Outdoor, rafting, smile, summer, TBI, volunteer | Comments Off on An Imprinted Smile

After moving to Salt Lake City a couple of years ago, Debbie was driving along the road when she saw a fleet of red and green canoes with “SPLORE” plastered on each side of the canoes. As an avid canoe paddler, Debbie was immediately intriguted to where the canoes were going and began her quest [...]

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