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Be a volunteer care provider - a rewarding helping opportunity!

Many participants on overnight SPLORE trips require the assistance of care providers. Most often, care providers are the staff of the particular group who have booked the trip. But throughout the season, overnight "open enrollment" trips are offered to disabled individuals who may not have a care provider available to assist them on a trip.

SPLORE volunteeers have the opportunity to participate on overnight trips as volunteer care providers for those individuals with special needs who are unable to bring a care provider with them. A volunteer care provider may have previous experience such as a nurse or therapist, but prior experience is not required - the desire and ability to help others are the most important qualifications. Care providers play an integral role in helping SPLORE provide accessible services. Their support enhances community involvement and client participation and ensures that participants with disabilities have unsurpassed outdoor experiences. Care providers help participants feel safe, supported and encouraged in SPLORE’s life-enhancing experiences.

Some SPLORE multiday rafting trips are considered to be "Special Population" trips, and any volunteer who would like to join one of these trips must assist as a care provider for a participant with special needs. Such trips include Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River, the Gates of Lodore on the Green River, and some other designated river sections.
Some examples of the kind of participants who may need the assistance of a care provider and the type of care that may be required includes:
  • Clients with sight impairment - assist as a guide
  • Clients with hearing impairment - assist as an sign language interpreter
  • Clients with cognitive impairment - assist with keeping the participant focused and involved in activities
  • Clients with physical impairment - possibly assist with dressing, feeding, personal hygiene, and bathroom needs
No two participants are the same and the level of assistance varies with each individual.
Volunteering as a care provider can be a very rewarding experience, and participants especially appreciate the help that volunteers can provide to make their trip more accessible and enjoyable, but volunteer care providers are not expected to provide assistance beyond their level of ability or comfort.
SPLORE's goal is to arrange the most ideal care provider so that both parties know what to expect and will experience the best trip possible.
The most important qualifications in volunteering as a care provider is
your desire and ability to help and support disabled participants with what ever the needs are without either party feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Be kind and caring, patient and accepting!
If you'd like to volunteer as a care provider for a person with a disability, please call Susie at 801.484.4128, or by e-mail at susans@splore.org.
SPLORE is a Utah based non-profit organization that is currently celebrating 30 years of providing life-changing outdoor recreation experiences to children and adults with disabilities and special needs. SPLORE ran its first accessible rafting program during the summer of 1977 and through the years has served more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities as well as their friends, family members and care providers.

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