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How do you Pack for a Rafting Trip?

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How do you Pack for a Rafting Trip? By: Amy Ware Have you signed up for a rafting trip and thought to yourself, “Okay, so now I am signed up and ready to go on this rafting trip, but what in the world do I need to bring?” Well, that is where I come in! This blog post will be your handy dandy guide to what you need to bring for either a day or a multi-day rafting trip with Splore. Single Day Rafting Trip: Lightweight quick dry shorts or pants (Avoid bringing denim as it gets heavy and uncomfortable when wet.) Sandals or an old pair of shoes that attach at the ankle (No flip flops, they...

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Moab Volunteer Whitewater Guide Training

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Whitewater Guide Training CANCELED! Splore specializes in getting people outside, and allowing them experience the dignity of risk. This year we have decided to add to this philosophy and give our volunteers the opportunity to partake in a full, intensive guide training so that they too can experience the elation of guiding people with disabilities through whitewater rapids. WHERE: Fisher Towers, launching from Moab, UT WHEN: May 24-29 COST: $250 This training will not only teach our volunteers the fundamentals of reading and running class III- IV whitewater, but will also touch on Swift...

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Saturday’s Spotlight: Friedreich’s Ataxia

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Today’s Spotlight: Friedreich’s Ataxia For the Fall Fling, we will be highlighting a group of clients each day, telling their story and showing how Splore’s adventures have changed their lives. We are raising money this week to support Splore’s outdoor adventure programs for people of all abilities. Your donations support scholarships for clients like Tom:   Client Story: Tom Trovinger Tom Trovinger is 38 years old and was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA) in 1997. FA is a debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative neuro-muscular disorder. About one in...

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Winter Projects for Boaters | Small Organizational Projects

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Carabiner Marking: I use nail polish (something every river guide should have in their ammo can) to paint markings on my carabiners so that I can identify them easily during a de-rig. Chose one or two colors that represent you (I am blue/orange) and paint them on the long side of the biner. Make it thick so it doesn’t wear off quickly.Wrap It Up:This is an easy one. Look at all the gear that you usually have with you on a river trip. Water bottle, ammo can/dry bag, sun block, chap stick, visor/hat, etc. etc. Determine which of these items are most accessible to you while you are guiding...

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Winter Projects for Boaters | The Boat Ladder

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Boat Ladder As all of us less organized types found out (rather abruptly) on Monday morning; time has fallen back, giving us shorter days, longer nights, and anticipation for the winter months ahead. For us boaters, this may seem like it’s time to concentrate on secondary pursuits (like my favorite hobby: sleeping), but there are many fun crafty projects that can lighten up your winter nights and keep the spirit of the river alive in you. Here are a few that I’ve come up with, I hope you enjoy: The Boat Ladder: How many times have you been sitting in your boat, bladder full, sun...

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The Wonder of the River

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Wow. The summer is quickly coming to a close and I am so proud of the amazing trips that Moab staff and volunteers put on this year. It was certainly a whirlwind, but as I reflect on our season I feel an overwhelming sense of joy. Although the river was low and the days were hot (hottest July in recorded history) we were able to take people from all walks of life through beautiful wilderness and create lifelong memories not only for our participants but also ourselves. I personally will never forget the beautiful mid morning hymns sung by the 8th grade girls of Madeline Choir School, the...

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