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Harvest Moon Auction
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The Harvest Moon
26th Annual Benefit Auction

SPLORE"s 26th Annual Benefit Action will be held on Saturday, September 27, 2008 at the Hilton, Salt Lake City Center.

Please check back later in the summer for more information.

The Harvest Moon
25th Annual Benefit Auction

SPLORE’s 25th Annual Harvest Moon Benefit Auction was held on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2007 at the Hilton, Salt Lake City Center and was attended by 230 members of our community.

The theme of the event was "Where Has The Time Gone...", celebrating SPLORE’s 30 Years of Service to the local community and the 30,000 lives we have changed.
The evening program was emceed by Mick Martin and Allen Handy of KBER 101 and included special guest speakers:

Martha Ham, Founder of SPLORE

Ken Sleight, Ken Sleight Expeditions who launched the first SPLORE rafting trip in 1977

The fundraiser was a huge success and will help SPLORE continue its mission of providing meaningful outdoor recreation experiences to children and adults with disabilities and special needs. Thank you to all who attended, volunteered for and supported this event!

Check back this summer for updated information about
SPLORE's 2008 Harvest Moon Benefit Auction!
SPLORE is a Utah based non-profit organization that is currently celebrating 30 years of providing life-changing outdoor recreation experiences to children and adults with disabilities and special needs. SPLORE ran its first accessible rafting program during the summer of 1977 and through the years has served more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities as well as their friends, family members and care providers.

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