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Rock Climbing

Challenge Yourself With Splore Rock Climbing in Utah's Awesome Cottonwood Canyon Venues!

The unique challenges presented by the rock climbing experience are an excellent opportunity to increase physical fitness, enhance communication skills and build trust. Rock climbing also creates opportunities to overcome fears and increases confidence.

Splore provides half-day and full-day climbing lessons at Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon and at Dogwood, Storm Mountain and the Salt Lake Slips climbing area in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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Rock Climbing Program Notes

Splore customizes every climbing program to the unique needs of our participants. Splore provides all the necessary safety equipment and trained personnel on every climbing activity, as well as professional instruction for every climber. During each lesson you will have the opportunity to develop your climbing skills and abilities.

Splore also offers opportunities for participants within the Autism Spectrum Disorder to experience specialized climbing experiences utilizing local indoor climbing walls.

Necessary Forms, Waivers, Maps and Gear Lists

Complete Rock Climbing Packet (includes all forms listed below in one file, except map)

Necessary Forms

  1. Individual Trip Application
  2. Health Form
  3. Liability Release Form
  4. Agency Trip Application
  5. Trip Leader Form

Transportation Waivers

  1. Volunteer Driver Liability Waiver
  2. Participant Passenger Liability Waiver

Gear Lists