Open For Adventure

Experience Your Abilities Program (EYAP)

Splore's EYAP provides inclusive activities for elementary and middle school children!

Through a grant from the United Way, Splore has established the EYAP (Experience Your Abilities Program) to help children with developmental disabilities engage in inclusive activities that increase interpersonal communication and social skills, physical activity and mobility, and ability to be personally independent while engaging in new learning experiences.

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EYAP Program Notes

To provide inclusive experiences, student groups consist of both students with disabilities and students without disabilities and are guided through a 5-part sequence of accessible recreation activities. Ideally, one or more sessions will take place at the school site and several activities will take place off the school site.

Necessary Forms, Waivers, Maps and Gear Lists

Complete School Packet (includes all forms listed below in one file)

Necessary Forms

  1. Individual Trip Application
  2. Health Form
  3. Liability Release Form
  4. Agency Trip Application
  5. Trip Leader Form

Transportation Waivers

  1. Volunteer Driver Liability Waiver
  2. Participant Passenger Liability Waiver