Open For Adventure

How To Contribute

Splore is dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients through outdoor recreation. Splore provides an outlet for people with disabilities to participate in outdoor activities in a safe and fun environment.

The Splore Scholarship Program breaks through the physical, emotional, and financial barriers that prevent people with disabilities and special needs from participating in life-enhancing outdoor recreation and education programs.

Splore works with each individual, agency, and/or family to determine a program that compliments their unique financial situation.

On average, Splore Scholarship Program participants pay approximately 1/3 of program costs. The remaining 2/3 of program costs are funded through individual and organizational donations. Individual donations constitute 75 percent of the funding Splore receives each year.

You can help change life of these participates by offering a donation. Types of donations are described below. To make an online donation through our secure, encrypted server, please click here.

Three Ways To Help Splore This Year at No Cost to You!

  • 1. Albertsons Community Partners Program:
  • Shop Albertsons and Splore will receive up to 4% of your purchase! How? Simply connect your Preferred Savings Card to Splore's Community Partners ID# 49000110538 by calling 1-800-696-6419, or online at: www.albertsons.com/cp.

  • 2. iGive.com:
  • Like to shop online? First join www.iGive.com/Splore because whenever you purchase items through iGive, up to 26% of every purchase is donated to Splore!

  • 3. Goodsearch.com:
  • Use the search engine www.goodsearch.com - powered by Yahoo!, and designate Splore as your chosen charity. Every search earns money for Splore!

Six Other Types of Donation to Benefit Splore!

  • 1. Sponsorship ($50):
  • This gift will send one participant on one activity.

  • 2. Remembrance Gift:
  • Making a donation in honor of a person that has touched the lives of others will help create a legacy for that person and enable others to enjoy Splore programs.

  • 3. Endowment:
  • A recommended gift of $2,500 will provide one person with a scholarship every year in perpetuity.

  • 4. Employer Match or Payroll Deduction:
  • Many corporations match gifts to charitable institutions made by employees. Ask your employer if they are already a part of Splore's employer match program.

  • 5. Stocks and Securities:
  • While all donations are tax-deductible, donating stocks and securities has the added benefit of avoiding capital gains taxes and can be carried over several years.

  • 6. Wish List / In-Kind Donations:
  • We're always looking for donations of special items. Check our wish list below if you have something you think we can use.

Wish List

Splore is currently seeking donations of special items. Wish lists are outlined below. If you can help with any of these needs, or if you have other items you think we could use, please call the office at (801) 484-4128.

Office Supplies

  • Desk chairs
  • Computers (able to run Windows XP or Vista)
  • Envelopes
  • Paper

Program Supplies

  • Large tarp
  • Socket set
  • Stern mount frame
  • 7-8 amp generator
  • Standard raft frames
  • Sand wheelchair
  • Camp chairs
  • "Drops" for frames - 24"x55" and 20"x55"
  • 9/18" webbing
  • Paco pads
  • Paddles
  • Matching pot and pan set
  • Tents
  • Oars
  • Electric blower
  • Circular/skill saw
  • Chain saw
  • Carpet, tile, linoleum
  • Wide mouth Nalgene bottles
  • Mop and bucket on wheels
  • Screw driver set

General Supplies

  • Bulk food donations
  • Gift certificates for groceries
  • Toiletries
  • Light bulbs
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Postage

Professional Expertise

  • Website design
  • Grant writing
  • Adobe Photoshop design

Special Equipment/Needs

  • Digital camera
  • One year cell phone service
  • Blinds/curtains

Volunteer Help

  • Auction volunteers
  • Board of trustees members
  • Program volunteers
  • Author to write stories about trips
  • Photographer to take pictures on trips

For more information, or if you have items that you'd like to donate to Splore,