Open For Adventure


We have a lot of information on our calendar, including programs and training sessions for volunteers. Please refer to the Calendar Guide below to see the color coding that pertains to you.

Click here to go to the Online Calendar!


Please note that each booked program day (in red) will have a listing in the box telling you how many volunteers are still needed on that day. Call Cara @ 801.484.4128 to sign up as a volunteer for these days.

Call well in advance - volunteer slots fill up quickly (especially weekends!). Unfortunately, we can not sign you up for a program until that day has been booked. So check the calendar for updates on days you are available and would like to volunteer. Thank you - none of this would be possible without you!

Volunteer River Guides

Splore is always looking for Volunteer River Guides! Volunteer guides are welcome and greatly appreciated on most trips. Keep in mind that days marked "Volunteer Guides Needed" are not the only days we need help. Call the office at 801.484.4128 to sign up!

Calendar Guide

Green: This date is open for booking as a Rock Climbing or Canoeing Trip.
Rafting - Fisher Towers
Light Blue: This date is open for booking as a Fisher Towers Rafting Trip.
Rafting - Westwater & Other Rivers
Grey Blue: This date is a non - Fisher Towers Rafting Trip. Please call for more information and availability.
Open Trip
Orange: We call these dates "open trip". This is a trip designed to bring individuals and families together for a fulfilling and exciting Splore experience. Please call for more information and availablity.
Trip Full
Red: This date has been booked. Sorry, please try another date for your trip.
Gold: This is the Experience Your Abilities Program.  These programs are designed to bring public schools students in different classes together through outdoor recreation.
Winter Events
White: This date is a scheduled winter activity. These include Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing and Yurt Trips. Please call for more information and availability.

Community Connection

Dark Blue: Splore's newest program. The Community Connection is a Salt Lake based program designed to bring individuals in the community together for fun activities and "urban adventures." Please call for more information and to sign up.
Volunteer Guides Needed
Yellow: These dates are the most essential dates for all you volunteer river guides (aka "river rats"). We can't run these trips without you!
Volunteer Training
Olive Green: Training days for volunteers in rafting, rock climbing, canoeing and first aid/CPR. Please call for more information and to sign up.
Staff Training
Grey: Splore staff training. Some specific staff trainings are open to volunteers. So if you see something you like, give us a call.