Open For Adventure

About Us

Splore Has Been Providing Accessible & Affordable Outdoor Adventures for More Than 30 Years!

Splore is a Utah-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality adventure programs to people with disabilities and special needs. Since our inception in 1979, Splore has been a leader in creating opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in outdoor adventures by providing a safe, supportive and fun learning environment.

The Magic Of Splore

It is the life-enhancing experience that Splore provides through its outdoor programs. The activities we offer are only a small portion of what Splore provides; there is a deeper, more magical essence within the Splore experience.

For people with disabilities, outdoor activities are often very difficult to access (i.e. rafting, canoeing, skiing, or dog sledding.) Splore staff and volunteers provide a safe environment for these affordable activities helping people overcome fears, increase social interaction and improve self-esteem.

Splore's staff and volunteers help create this magical experience. What makes Splore special is not necessarily the fact that people participate in outdoor recreation activities, but that people of all abilities are able to interact with Splore volunteers and staff. This interaction develops meaningful, life-long relationships between friends, family members, care providers and volunteers.

Splore's magic is found through affordable activities, safe environments, personal development and volunteer interaction. Splore enhances the lives of many and creates the experience of a lifetime!