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SPLORE’s Endowment Program

(Providing Experiences Lasting a Lifetime)

Our Objective…

SPLORE has served the community for over 25 years and has provided lasting memories to 22,000 individuals. Our activities range from Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Nordic Skiing and River Rafting

The activities itself is only a small part of the SPLORE experience. SPLORE educates the participants about environmental stewardship and outdoor safety. Involvement with SPLORE programming develops meaningful, lifelong relationships among friends, family members, care provides and volunteers.
We provide positive and safe adventures where people have the ability to develop and master new skills, improve self esteem and create new opportunities in their lives.

Your Contribution…

Your donation of $2,500 will provide one annual scholarship to 1 person per-year in perpetuity.

Your donation will be entered into a permanent scholarship endowment fund. The sole purpose of this fund will be the generation of participatory scholarships for people with disabilities and special needs.

Your donation will be invested in stable securities. Interest generated will provide annual scholarships and endowment program growth.

Funds will not be used for administrative overhead, emergency relief or non-scholarship related activities.

To donate please contact SPLORE through the donation application or at

Contribution Methods
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