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Accessible Canoeing Programs

Come Canoeing With Splore For Great River Adventure!

Splore customizes all canoeing programming to the needs of our participants, making it one of our most accessible, affordable and enjoyable activities.

Trip Length: Typically half day trips.
Skill Needed: No previous experience.
Trip Cost: $75 / person
: Available, click here.


Canoe Instruction: Before you get out on the water, you will be introduced to various paddle strokes that will help you to maneuver your canoe, including the Draw, Pry, Sweep and 'J' strokes.
On the Trip: During the float, you'll enjoy spectacular scenery and the company of other outdoor enthusiasts.
Our programs take place on the diverse waterways surrounding Salt Lake City and in the canyon country of southern Utah. Canoeing areas include the flat-water sections of the Jordan, Bear, Colorado and Green Rivers, plus the Little Dell Reservior, Jordanelle Reservoir, and the Great Salt Lake.

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If you understand ASL (America Sign Language), you can watch a video of Art Valdez signing his experience on a canoe trip on the Jordan River.


"Each of the participants involved expressed, in their own way, what a powerful experience the weekend was not only because of the sheer scenic beauty but through the interpersonal warmth displayed by Splore staff and volunteers." - Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Staff Member

Local Reservoirs

Develop your canoeing skills at Little Dell Reservoir or at the Rock Cliff section of Jordanelle Reservoir. Canoe lessons include both spectacular scenery and fun paddling. Little Dell Reservoir is located only 20 minutes away from Salt Lake City.

Jordan River

Take a fun and informative float down the Jordan River. A canoe lesson on the Jordan River is a great way to learn about this unique natural resource located in the heart of Salt Lake City. Lessons take place at various scenic sections of the river and are usually 3 - 4 hours in length.

Labyrinth Canyon

Experience a multi-day adventure through the incredible wilderness of southern Utah. Join us for a four to seven day journey through one of the Green River's most spectacular flat-water stretches. The river will twist and turn through 50 miles of spectacular red rock wilderness.

Along the way, you will enjoy gourmet meals, scenic hikes, plenty of great paddling, and memorable gatherings around the nighttime camp.

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